Why Is DSRC Technology So Useful

The key goal of DSRC or Dedicated Short Range Communications Technology is to allow technologies, which can support communications and safety applications between infrastructure and vehicle-based gadgets so that the incidents of accidents can be reduced. At present, it is the only alternative for Short-Range Wireless Technology, which can deliver high consistency level if necessary. There is a requirement of a high degree of link consistency. DSRC technology does so by delivering protected performance In extremely adverse weather conditions and assisting in the flexibility of vehicle speed.

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Thus, the key merit of DSRC technology is to aid in collision avoidance and improve flexibility.

Bike and pedestrian safety

If a vehicle is equipped with DSRC technology, it is able to detect a pedestrian who has a Smartphone along with DSRC. A smartphone application can determine the speed, direction, and the position of that pedestrian. The vehicle can then use its DSRC technology for positioning all its surrounding vehicles. If the smartphone application detects the possibility of a collision, the pedestrian is warned by the system through a high volume and repeating beeping sound. A warning message also flashes on the smartphone’s screen. The driver of the vehicle also gets an alert of a potential collision simultaneously on the navigation screen, optical warning on the heads up display of the car and a loud alarm. It is also possible for that driver to get information on if the pedestrian is listening to music or sending a text message or whether they are attending a phone call.

Warning of the arrival of an emergency vehicle

Vehicle-to-vehicle DSRC technology enables an exchange of information when an emergency vehicle approaches. The message can get transferred from one car to the next one and can also get forwarded to the traffic.

Adaptive cruise control

The effectiveness of DSRC technology is even more in a situation when there is a failure of a cruise control, particularly near radar waves. If a car approaches a sudden sharp bed, the system generates an alert to a moving vehicle’s cruise control system while nearing a sharp turn. DSRC technology is essential for both pedestrian and driver’s safety.

Possible Applications of DSRC Technology on Public Safety and Traffic Management

• Collection Of Traffic Data
• Rollover Warning
• Safety Inspection
• Collision Warning
• Alerts On Blind Spots
• Warnings On Incoming Vehicles
• Unexpected Decelerating
• Rail Inspection Alert
• Parking Payment
• Warnings Related To Do Not Pass

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