Things Covered Under Workmen Compensation – Every Employee’s Check List

What is this compensation?

All the employers have the responsibility to take the right care and assurance in providing a safe work environment. In fact, they are obligated to do this legally. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When it happens, all the injured/disabled/impaired workers need to get workmen compensation as coverage to the suffering and pain.

What it covers?

All those injuries an employee suffers and sustains at the respective workplace premises/any other place while the employee is working in the scope of the duties that need to be performed as the course and nature of the job are covered. The employer needs to have an insurance allocated to settle the claims of worker’s compensation. For instance, if a worker meets with an accident and loses their life, then it is checked if the worker is travelling to meet the job responsibilities, secondly – is it a company’s vehicle or the worker’s own mode of transport, and then the claim is settled accordingly. In case of failure of above two – where the worker is travelling not on a business purpose and not in any transport provided by the company, then the claim is denied.

In addition to that, a few un-forecasted injuries that take place at the workplace due to any social agitations, violence, natural disasters or attacks done by anti-social bodies like terrorists are considered and covered. The insurance also covers a few kinds of illnesses that are caused due to working in an environment provided by the company. They are termed as occupational diseases. For instance, if the worker is working in a chemical manufacturing company, then certainly the workers are exposed to many toxic substances that can cause a burning sensation in eyes, respiratory problems or other ailments on long run. These diseases are covered.

Benefits –

All the benefits depend on if the disability happened is partial or total and if the disability is permanent or can be recovered within a certain time period. Any impairment is usually considered as a reduction or decrement in the capability to earn. So, benefits help the worker to sustain their life amidst the sufferings monetarily. Though the benefit received is quite a small amount, it can come of any help to the injured person and their family. Many states consider that the compensation or benefits need to be paid only to the period where the worker suffers the disability. Other organizations restrict that to a maximum number of days/weeks, especially when the doctor certifies the disability as temporary. The benefit is calculated as a certain percentage of the workers wage, while a few companies add some amount to that.

Adrian Holt
Adrian Holt
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