The Importance of Studying Chemistry

Science is one of the major subjects taken in school. Every school year, different science topics are discussed including the different branches of science and one of them is chemistry. According to, chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances, and how substances interact with energy. And in this article, we are going to know why we should study chemistry.

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Anne Marie Helmenstine will be the first one to explain to explain to us why we should study chemistry.

Why Study Chemistry?

Question: Why Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them. There are many reasons to study chemistry, even if you aren’t pursuing a career in science.

Answer: Chemistry is everywhere in the world around you! It’s in the food you eat, clothes you wear, water you drink, medicines, air, cleaners… you name it. Chemistry sometimes is called the “central science” because it connects other sciences to each others, such as biology, physics, geology and environmental science.

Here are some of the best reasons to study chemistry.

  1. Chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. Why does leaves change color in the fall? Why are plants green? How is cheese made? What is in soap and how does it clean? These are all questions that can be answered by applying chemistry. Read more here.

There are eight reasons given on why we should study chemistry and one is that it would help keep us safe by giving us knowledge on which household chemicals are dangerous especially if we mix them. Now, to give us more reasons on why we should study chemistry, even just the basics, let us read Kaitlin Goodrich’s article below.

Why the Basics of Chemistry Are Important—Even If You Are Not a Chemist

Ah, chemistry. Every year, thousands of students complain about the subject. Not only is chemistry sometimes difficult, but many students also find it to be boring. While it’s easy to hate any subject the day before a big test, it may be time to reconsider the notion that chemistry is a waste.

At its core, chemistry explains how the world around us works. After all, everything (including us) is made out of atoms and chemical compounds. That means that when we know the basics of chemistry we can understand how everything in the world interacts. When you understand the basics of chemistry, you can understand the world around you a lot better.

Why Should I Study the Basics of Chemistry?

Chemistry is sometimes called the “central science,” because it connects just about all the other sciences to each other. When you know chemistry, you can better understand how biology, physics, geology, environmental science, and so many other disciplines work together. Without a basic understanding of chemistry, you can forget about understanding the other sciences! Read more here.

There are three general reasons given and these are: chemistry helps us understand the world around us better, chemistry allows us to make informed decisions, and chemistry is fun. We could really enjoy chemistry as long as we see the beauty of it.

Now, we are going to look into one of the universities which offer the chemistry subject and they are going to tell us why we should study chemistry in their university. The University of Sydney will tell us more about it.


We all do chemistry every day! As soon as you wake up in the morning, you start doing chemistry. Chemistry explains why an egg changes when you fry it and why your non-stick pan is non-sticky. Chemistry explains how soap and shampoo make you clean, why you feel tired before coffee and alert after it, and how the petrol in your car gets you to work. One of our first year labs helps you understand why perfumes smell the way they do. In fact you start doing some chemistry yourself as soon as your eyes open – your sense of vision works because a small organic molecule changes shape in the back of your eye when light hits it.

Chemistry is truly the “central science”. New breakthroughs in fields such as genetics,

biochemistry, medicine, materials science, forensics, nanotechnology, drug discovery, the environment and next-generation computer hardware are all driven by chemistry.

Chemistry is about the molecules all around us. It is about matter: specifically how matter changes. Doing a degree in Chemistry will allow you to learn about why the things around us behave the way they do.Read more here.

The university that we are actually talking about here is the Sydney University’s School of Chemistry which is acknowledged as one of the top Chemistry Schools in Australia and is internationally known for the quality of staff that they have. Now, we already have the reasons for studying chemistry, we also now have a good chemistry school for us to learn better. It is not necessary for us to learn about the complicated parts of chemistry. The basics are already actually enough.