Professional Insurance for Everyone

Professional Insurance for Everyone


Whether you start a business or decide to be a freelancer, a professional insurance is a must. For the reason that you have a client to work for or provide service, it is important that you protect both yours and their interest. In starting a small business or working on a one-time project for a client, we sometimes overlook the significance of obtaining a policy because first of all, it is not that heavy compared to high-profiled companies and businessmen. And because we think we have an agreement with our clients, the possibility for making faults is unnoticed.


If you are looking for a corporate or personal insurance provider, you should consider Allegiance Associates. They cover a wide range of professional insurance in Singapore. You should check out their site here:


Vethan Law Firm has published an article that will tell us about the insurance for independent contractors.


What Kinds of Insurance Does a Small Business Need for 1099 Independent Contractors?


The so-called “gig economy” has swelled the numbers of independent contractors ever since the Great Recession. While construction and other dangerous industries already address the question of insurance for their contractors, other industries may need to take a look at the potential insurance needs for their 1099 workers.


Accidents, injuries, and mistakes can happen in any field. Whether you need insurance depends on the amount of risk you feel comfortable taking and the type of work involved.


In some states and industries, there are statutory requirements for insurance coverage for everyone involved, such as construction. Inherently dangerous work environments may result in these sorts of legal requirements between the employer-contractor relationship.


In this case, it is most appropriate for both contractors and employers to obtain general liability insurance.


Insurance coverage is also essential in case you or the independent contractor face a lawsuit. Insurance pays lawyers’ fees and damages if the suit is over work performed or injuries sustained. Contrary to popular opinion, independencontractors have the same legal obligations as big business. Clients and customers can sue for several reasons; general liability can provide funds for legal defense. Find out more here


Being a freelancer and getting hired to gigs, big or small, will carry the risk of putting your reputation at stake. On top of it, you have no company to cover for you so obtaining a professional liability insurance policy that works best for you is crucial. In purchasing a policy, you should consider how much of your skills and instruments are getting used for a job to get one that fits the field of work that you do. No matter if you are a writer, web developer, or a private tutor; you need to get yourself covered.


Many questions are asked and FITCO has provided an article to answer one question for one kind of a freelance job but basically, can be applied in general.


I’m a Private Music Teacher, Do I Need Insurance?


Do you provide professional musical instruction, education or training for students learning to play musical instruments? If so, you need music instructor insurance.




Whether it’s string or wind instruments, percussion, keys, voice or any other professional musical instruction, FITCO is the perfect fit for your business.




FITCO was founded on the premise that instructors of all types deserve simple and easy access to broad insurance coverage.




With just a few clicks, solo instructors can get the peace of mind that comes with over $1,000,000 of general liability (GL) and personal and advertising injury coverage. Additionally, you’ll be covered with sexual abuse and molestation, professional liability (E&O), products and completed operations, damage to rented premises and medical payments coverage. Find out what plan could work for you here




If putting up your own business can expose you to many risks, imagine how much more if you do your business with another company. It is not only your reputation that is at stake, but also your assets and it could materially drain you in one shot if you are not covered with insurance policy. Even the people we consult for this matter have all have their own policies and are protected from getting a lawsuit in case a misunderstanding occurs.


In the last article, Insurance Quote agents have answered if a consultant should get covered or not.


Do Consultants Need Professional Liability Insurance?


Consultants set the bar for other businesses and should lead by example, regardless of what their focus is. Consultants are hired to help companies be the best they can be, and if you don’t show that you’re making your business the best it can be, what does that say?


There’s no way around it — any company needs professional liability insurance. Your business, future, and personal assets aren’t protected without it. It’s one of the most important business investments you’ll make, and although you may see it as an extra expense, it’s a small expense compared to what it could cost you without it. Read more here


Getting yourself threaten of getting sued for a mistake that you did not intend can be prevented if you have an insurance policy that makes it so important for everyone who provide services privately. You do not only protect your reputation but basically, everything you have. You will be able to defend yourself of the professional accusations and seek legal counsel without going bankrupt in one shot.


If you are a starter and wondering how professional insurance works, look for a counselor and take note of the things you must remember. Professional insurance policies do not work one way and it will depend on what kind of business or profession you have. The cost can vary according to many aspects you need to get covered. There is no point to put off having insurance and the best time to start is today. We should not overlook the importance of this matter because if not in the present, purchasing insurance policy can save us big time in the future.

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