Merits of establishing paternity through DNA testing

DNA testing labs and centres are mushrooming in the United States in the recent years because according to statistics, only 21 percent of American households are married couples with children—down from 24 percent in 2000, and 43 percent in 1950. Americans these days don’t believe in getting married before having children. Many Americans have grown up in non-traditional families, such as single-parent or blended families showing that their perception of the family is as a network of friends and relatives, and isn’t just composed of people who share DNA.

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Here are a few reasons listed why having a DNA test is important and why it matters.

1. The DNA test serves as a legal evidence for child support- If a DNA test is performed without the knowledge of the father, the court does not consider it to be legal. For the test to be legally valid, he needs to sign the chain of custody form and it legally authorizes the result of the test performed.

2. DNA test is beneficial in establishing parental rights in the court. Apart from looking into factors like the bond of the child with his/her her parents, the responsible parent between the two, the caregiver until now, establishing paternity is the first of many steps in determining parental rights.

3. DNA test helps prove inheritance and insurance claims because before dividing someone’s estate, courts examine family relationships. To add your child’s name in your insurance policy when your name is missing from his/her birth certificate, DNA profiling is the only way out in such a case to prove paternity.

4. DNA tests are 99% accurate and provides one peace of the mind by ensuring true paternity of the child.

5. The accurate medical history of the child is also known by this method and it helps to prevent any particular disease that has prevailed in the family history.

6. By knowing that the child is a part of him, it helps the father to grow better and stronger emotional bond with the child.

7. Paternity testing gives a chance to the child to know about his/her true identity. The child will then not have to struggle all his life wondering about his biological roots.

8. After establishing paternal right over the child, the father will have legal permission to establish and maintain a relationship with the child.

9. Once the test results are declared positive, it becomes easy for the mother to gain financial support from the father for the child.

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