Easing your Neck Pain

Easing your Neck Pain

Our necks are the most fragile part of the body. This is the area that is undergoing the most stress daily, when we crane downwards to look at our smart devices or sit with the wrong posture at our desks for a whole day. For most, it is unconscious and has already developed into a bad habit. So how can this be corrected?

For shoulder or neck pain relief, there are pain relief products that are available on the market. One such product is PIP’s health magnet series, such as the PIP Elekiban and PIP Magneloop. It’s the No. 1 in Magneto-Therapy in Japan and now they are on our Singapore shores at most healthcare retailers. Visit their site here today!

Below, Stephanie Burke from Spine Health shares a way to get us to adjust for our bad habits.

Maintaining good posture is a good way to keep neck pain under control. A headrest can help to keep your cervical spine in a neutral position, so consider getting an office chair with one…and using it. Also make it a point to use the headrest on your recliner and in your car, when you can.” Read more here!

If we are unable to adjust our bad habits, having an external factor to help us adjust would be good. On the market now there are many custom fitting chairs that can help us to sit upright in a beneficial posture and reduce strain on our back. If a custom chair is too expensive, there are always separate posture correctors that are available can be purchased affordably. Surely one can purchase one of these if he or she cannot consciously correct his own posture.

One might be wondering next what are possible alternatives or complements to purchasing such devices to correct our posture and reduce neck pain. Here, Healthbeat shares on some tips to alleviate neck pain.

Make some ergonomic adjustments. Position your computer monitor at eye level so you can see it easily. Use the hands-free function on your phone or wear a headset. Prop your tablet on a pillow so that it sits at a 45° angle, instead of lying flat on your lap.” Read more here!

Many people who are short-sighted have at some point in their early life had some bad reading habits that led them to be short-sighted. Bad reading habits come hand in hand with bad neck posture, and if we take care of one, the other will also be reduced. While some of us already have bad eyesight, implementing these habits for young children can prevent them from being myopic when they grow up. Having good reading habits also goes a long way in prevent one’s short sightedness from becoming worse and worse. Would you want to become clinically blind as a result of bad reading habits over a decade?

Lastly, the Brain and Spine team from Cleveland Clinic share one important aspect of our daily lives we are doing that affects the neck – sleeping posture.

Sleep only on your side or on your back – never on your stomach. When you sleep on your stomach, often you will end up twisting your head one way or the other for hours at a time. Sleeping on your stomach also can affect your low back because your belly sinks in to the bed if you don’t have enough support.” Read more here!

Hence, sleeping posture is not something we should take likely. What feels comfortable may in fact be deadly for your neck and shoulder area. Certainly, you would not want to end up in a neck brace just because you decided to sleep on your stomach. As we age, we become more prone to injuries and it would be good to not always take the comfortable option but listen to what the experts advise us.

Neck injuries or aches are an occurrence that we can avoid in our lives if we pay attention to our bodies. Instead of taking the easy way out, we should be disciplined to follow what is good and difficult but will help us in the long run.


Adrian Holt
Adrian Holt
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