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Has Your Security System Been Vandalized? What Should You Do Next?

Do you know what steps you should take if the security system, which keeps your premises safe, has been vandalized? Firstly, you should stop panicking unnecessarily. However, you should also take certain immediate steps so that the damages can be corrected. The aim of this discussion is to look at those actions that you need to take when a security system gets vandalized.

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1. Inform the law enforcement agency
To start with, you should intimate your law enforcement agency the moment you find your security system has been vandalized. Vandalism carried out in any form to a property is a severe offense and may put a person or people at risk. The cops may want to check the security footage to gather proof against the offender(s) involved. There is a possibility that one of the surveillance cameras captured a culprit’s footage and can come handy to initiate a legal course of actions against them. Although the criminal could not be caught immediately, the police can at least get some clues to pursue the vandals after getting your report.

2. Detail and extent of damage should be reported
You should ensure that the security camera system that got damaged is immediately repaired so that your business or home is secure. After all, vandalism does not necessarily mean that your CCTV system has been complexly destroyed. The good news is vandalism in all form is typically covered by insurance.

If the vandalism caused to your CCTV camera was by graffiti, removing it can be done by applying some solution for lens cleaning. Alternatively, nail polish or white vinegar can be also used to clean the lens of the camera.

3. Ensure that further incidents of vandalism are avoided
There are certain scenarios when avoiding vandalism of security cameras is not an impossible task. At least, the task can be made tougher for the offenders. There are some people who may want to opt for investing in camera housings that are vandal-proof. These domes are powerful enough to fight against the common practices of vandals. Some of these are even manufactured as bulletproof.

A second technique to safeguard security camera systems is by putting fake systems in obvious locations. The fake ones can behave as shields and thus protect the real cameras from getting harmed when they are not easily spotted. If you hide the actual cameras, it is possible to save a lot of maintenance expenses.

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