Bridget O’Neill stars in 2 new spots for Ford Fiesta

0-1 Bridget helped script and cast two video spots that she also starred in for Ford’s new “Prove It” video campaign.

Crews from LA converged on downtown Seattle as Bridget and local actors ( Shawn Telford, Lisa LeVan, Cindy Dailey and Confluence’s Joshua Johnson ) lent their talents to the socially savvy motor vehicle giant.

Following Bridget’s contributions as a spokesperson and content creator for the “Fiesta Movement” and the House season 6 red carpet host, it comes as no surprise that Ford would call on her once again.

We will let you know when the new videos are live.

Adrian Holt
Adrian Holt
Bridget O’Neill is a film and stage actor working in Seattle who has embraced online media. She can be seen in feature films, television commercials and viral videos, moving seamlessly between various mediums with her signature charm and charisma.

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